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Monthly Archives: April 2018

2005 Subaru Legacy

Mileage 182,385 Service Date 4/6/2018 Services Performed Tested battery and found it to be very weak. Tested amperage draw of battery using jump pack and found starter draw beyond normal parameters. Removed and replaced battery and starter. Cleaned battery terminal clamps. Retests good! Check under carriage, brakes, exhaust, steering and suspension, tires, visual inspection of engine for possible problems in the future. Replaced air filter. Recommend brake fluid flush Right mirror is broken Includes remove old fluid and refill with new. Pressurize brake system and bleed new fluid to all four wheels. Wendy S. gave our service a 5 star review on

2011 BMW 528i

Mileage 129,201 Service Date 4/3/2018 Services Performed Test drove to verify customer's concern. Brought back to shop and checked for faults, none found. Test ran while monitoring engine management system values. Checked timing and VANOS operation, found all systems working normally. Removed and inspected spark plug and found plugs are due for replacement. Valve cover and VANOS control actuator gaskets are leaking. Recommend replacing spark plugs and leaking gaskets before further troubleshooting, Removed covers to gain access. Removed wiring bundles. removed VANOS actuator. Removed valve cover. Cleaned mating surfaces on engine and cover. Reinstalled cover with new gasket. Reinstalled actuator with new gasket. Removed and replaced spark plugs. Test drove, Tests good! Natalie S. gave our service a 5 star review on